Introduction: Gaming Setup


In this inscrutable it is my aim to give you some ideas for a gaming/general use computer setup.

This will work with a Mac, PC, Desktop or Laptop e.c.t.

Step 1: Adaptors, Speakers and Wiring

This is pretty much a list containing what you will need.

1.Mini Display Port to (Preferred Cable) You will only need this if you own a mac

2.An audio Splitter(You can see how this is setup in one of my other instrucables



Start by organising how you want your setup to look, because there needs to be a balance between looks and performance.

Once you have planned how you want it to look position your monitor and plug it into the computer and power. Do the same thing if you are using multiple devices use a splitter.

Then setup the audio (For in depth tutorial see other inscrutable)

Step 2: Finishing Touches

To make your setup look awesome add some merchandise, like things from your favourite games, boxes stacked up on the wall looks good (If you do it right) and other cool stuff)

Cable management is important to have an example do the exact opposite of what i have done.

Be sure to make your setup suit you optimise it how you want and make it comfortable for YOU.