Introduction: Gaming on VMWare Workstation

If you are playing a video game in VMWare ,Try it ,It works with less lag .However ,You need to install VMWare Tools or it will not work.

Step 1: Downloading VMWare Workstation

If you're interested in VMWare ,Download it in this link:

It may take long to download it.However ,Leave your computer overnight until it finished.

Step 2: Install VMWare Workstation

Once your done downloading ,Install it
Follow the instructions and enter the serial number.
After you install ,Create a virtual machine and you're ready to go

Step 3: Create a Virtual Machine

After you install ,Create a VM ,Then avoid some compatibility issues:
-RAM Decrease
-Low HDD Space
After creating a VM , Install and you're ready to go.

Step 4: Install VMWare Tools

After installing a OS in a VMWare VM ,VMWare Tools is needed for gaming or else it will not work properly.

Step 5: Install the Game

After installing VMWare Tools , Install any game as you want :D (e.g FEZ ,Deus Ex and DOTA)

Step 6: Time to Play

Now you can play with your favorite games after installing the 3 required steps:
-Install a OS
-Install VMWare Tools
-Install a game

Enjoy :D