Introduction: Gaming/Dining Table From Oak Flooring

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A gaming table that I can also use on a daily basis as a dining table.

Step 1: Planning the Size

To begin the challenge of building my dream dining table I first had to determine the size.
basing most of the design on the dimensions of the floorboards. (1800x19x120mm) I laid them out in a few different patterns finally deciding on the design photographed above. The table top would be 8 boards wide with on board on either end to cap them. Cutting the end pieces to length I used a pocket screw jig to join the 4 outer edges.

Table top dimensions: 960mmx2040mm

Step 2: Gaming Well

I had 2 fabrics to choose from I hope you think I chose well. the well is made from 9mm MDF that I had cut at the store I bought it from. the depth of the well is 70mm. this was covered in the fabric with some quilted padding under it to give a nice bounce to the dice rolled. I added a plastic channel for the RGB strip I planned on adding.

Step 3: Attaching the Well and Electronics

I attached the well with 90deg angles so that the well can be removed and changed to match its surroundings when I decide to decorate again. once it was attached I added boxes for the speakers and added 5050 RGB LED stripping.

Step 4: Legs and Apron

Building the legs together was a simple task using pocket screws on 3 walls and angles in the last. I then cut the apron pieces to size and routed a channel for the aluminium inserts. These will be used for sliding platforms to give extra space for players drinks or dice trays when playing RPGs.

Fun Fact: Most of this table was built while listening to Critical Role.

Step 5: Panels and Final Assembly

The 6 middle boards were joined in 2 groups of 3. Each was drilled in an offset dot pattern. followed by a 15mm Forstner bit to create a recess. a coach bolt was inserted into the recess. A nut and washer were tightened on the other side to keep them in place. On each board, the 3 bolts can lift up giving a hold to remove the panel.

Please if you have any question ask away. I will try to answer them to the fullest of my capability

Step 6: Bonus

With all the Spare boards and offcuts I covered a hideous gas fireplace and added acrylic shelves

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