Introduction: Garage Door Opener From Smart Phone

The cayenne app for android and iphone makes creating projects very simple. This project uses cayenne, a relay module, magnetic door switch and raspberry pi zero to open a garage door and receive notifications while away from home.

Step 1: Wire the Raspberry Pi

Connect the relay module and magnetic door sensor to the raspberrpi pi.

Step 2: Connect Relay to Garage Door Switch

Step 3: My Garage Door Switch

My garage door switch simply connects 2 wires from the garage door controller temporarily.

Step 4: Cayenne App Dashboard

1) Install Cayenne app on your smart phone.
2) add device - search for raspberry pi

3) allow files to be installed

4) edit the dashboard to add a generic actuator - digital output

5) select appropriate channel - 25

6) add new widget - generic sensor, digital input

7) select appropriate channel - 23

8) That's it!