Garage Door Repair

Introduction: Garage Door Repair

DIY Repairing a Wood Garage Door : PARTS 1, 2, & 3

Several months ago, I realized my garage door had seen better days, but I hadn't gotten around to doing much to improve it. It is original to my house, which was built in the late 90s. I've lived here 7 years. When it rains, the water off the roof and gutters, falls along the front of the house, slowly corroding the solid wood garage door. About a year or two ago, I caulked some of the seams which were showing some separation or splitting. I used just some regular acrylic multi-use tile caulk. I then painted it. Well a year or so later, the corrosion is more obvious with some rotten wood peeking through white paint. My HOA [Home Owner's Association] is pretty strict, at least with me. Some of my neighbors have commented that even though they have the same damages at their home, they haven't received notices. I guess they like me A LOT. Well anyway at the prompting of the HOA, I was directed to repair the whole bottom panel of the garage door. I don't really know much about that, I'm no carpenter. I place a value in all things natural and up-cycling, re-purposing, re-using whenever humanly possible, so , I find value in keeping the wood versus replacing with a vinyl door. Also due to time and budget, I opted to attempt to repair the damaged areas. I'm somewhat handy with some stuff. This repair was promptly began after I received the HOA notice, then delayed a bit, due to weather [ rain, cold], time constraints, and procrastination. Once I received a 3rd notice, I promptly finished the project. This repair will be presented in 3 Parts.

In PART 1 You'll Need:

1. Utility Knife

2. Wood Putty or Plastic Wood

3. Spatula or Butter Knife

4. Gloves

In PART 2 You'll Need:

1. Wood Putty or Plastic Wood

2. Spatula or Butter Knife

3. Gloves

In PART 3 You'll Need:

1. Medium Grit Sandpaper

3. Old Cloth

4. Primer

5. Paintbrush

6.[Exterior paint and Sealant Paint - later]



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Way to go for it and just fix it yourself!

    And welcome to instructables! I hope you'll share more of your projects here with us.