Introduction: Garage Light Control Using PIR and LinkIt One Board

You must be having a tiresome time at working in your garage! So here's a way to simplify your task!

In this instructable, We will be learning to control Garage lights using PIR sensor and LinkIt One board.

PIR is a Passive Infrared Sensor which detects Infrared Radiation and senses Temperature differences and generates a digital output. We can adjust its sensitivity and Time delay as per requirement!

Step 1: Requirements

LinkIt One Board

PIR Sensor

Connecting wires(Female-to-Female)

5V Relay

Step 2: Connections

PIR with LinkIt One Board




Relay I/P terminals- one to D13 and one to GND.

Connect remaining components as shown in the circuit diagram.

Step 3: Coding

Here's the code, Compile,Run and Upload it. So, now you have an electronic system which will help you in everyday tasks.