Introduction: Garage Wall Protector

here is a solution to the car door getting scratched and the garage wall getting beat up

Step 1: The Drywall in the Garage Was Getting Beat Up by People ( Mostly Kids ) Opening the Car Door Too Far. This Was Also Bad for the Car.

Step 2: Materials

screws that are long enough to get to the studs.

Pool noodles. Two in my case that were not being used.


Step 3: Thread the Noodles

I used a weight. (Air chuck) to help get the twine through the noodles.

Step 4: Attach to Wall

I found a stud that was far away from where the doors could possibly hit the wall.

I put the screws in far enough that they wouldn’t catch on clothes but I could still tie the twine to them.

Step 5: Finish It Off

Attach the other end

I could have used a hook on one end so that the noodles can be removed if the kids want to use them. For me it wasn’t important

You may see the glue on the wall from my first attempt at this. The twine will be much better.

Thanks. This is my first instructable.