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This is what my garage looked like before I started to nail some 75 x 18 laths across the wall

Step 1:

After a couple of hours this is what I achieved

Method was simple

Nailed uprights vertical down the wall about 800mm apart 75 x 18

Then starting from a level position as far could reach up, I screwed on 75 x 18 mm laths at exactly 18 mm apart

using off cuts of the 75 x 18 as spacers.

Then to make the pegs for jamming between the rails to hold my tools I cut the off cuts various lengths to suit what I needed to hold. I split the 75 mm side in half making the peg size 37 x 18 mostly 150 mm long.

Not very good at explaining but thought it was a very good tidy up to share.

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    6 years ago

    A couple of restraining hoops round the long items might help . I often use chain and a bolt for heavy items that might come over on the kids.