Introduction: Garbage Can Hauler

A really easy little project. In my case it was built with surplus wood stock on hand left-over from previous projects.

Each year it gets to be more of a chore hauling out the two full garbage cans from our garage to the driveway. I estimate that each weighs around 40- 75 lb when full and when I am out of town my wife struggles with this chore. It also wears out the bottom of the cans in no time at all when we drag them over concrete/tarmac..

SO. I looked on Amazon for trolleys that would solve this problem and without exception all of them were flimsy structures built of metal with middling to poor reviews from consumer purchasers.

This is a simple first woodwork project. Dimensions are easy. Just measure the top (not the base) of your trashcans and that, plus 4-6" on each dimension becomes the measurement for the plywood base. Then screw the 2X4's to that base and screw the wheels (Found in Home Depot) to the base and you are done - Oh add a push handle for fun and if you live on a hill as we do add add wood brakes that rotate down to hold the whole assembly in place in your driveway. The front wheels should be on swivels, the back wheels are best not swivelled. Paint it any color you like - in my case I spilled a can of pink paint on the base so that became the color scheme.

Cheers ~ Alan