Introduction: Garbage ( Card Game)

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Hi today I'm gonna teach you this very fun game and is very easy,not at all hard. Visit, Comment and Like

Step 1: What Do You Need

A deck of cards

2-3 Players

The game only uses cards A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and King. No Queen, Jester and Joker. If they pop up put them in the discard pile( The pile in which played cards are kept)

Step 2: Layout

All players should have their cards in 2 rows of 5 like the picture above

Step 3: How to Play


So everyone knows that cards go A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and King so you are supposed to put all the card you have in front of you in that order

So: First pick up a card and look at what number it is. Example you got a 10 and replace it with the card where 10 goes. Example where you put that card there was a 6 pick it up and replace it with the card at six. Keep repeating step until you get a Joker, Queen, Jester or a number that you already have. You can put a King any where you want

Step 4: What to Do Next

If you already have the card with the number, give it to the next player and he/she does the same thing you did with the card. If you both the have the card with the number put it in the discard pile and the next person takes their turn. Even if you pick a card and it also has a number that you have, follow the same procedure above . Again Kings can go anywhere

Step 5: Winning and Summary

The first person to flip all their cards over wins

You have to put the cards A-10

Pick up a card, Put the card number where it goes and pick up the card and repeat the procedure until a queen, Joker or Jester comes, or the same number comes up, Then the other person takes a turn and follows the same procedure, First one to get All the cards A-10 wins

Step 6: The Long Way

So this was the short way. The long way is the same but when someone wins the game starts again and the person you won starts with 9 cards and the same game happens, So who ever wins they take away a card and the same game