Introduction: Garbage to Gorgeous Chair Makeover

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It makes me crazy when I see perfectly good stuff in the trash! This time, I picked up a chair that had been tossed to the curb. Some of the joints were loose, so my husband added some screws and glue and it's nice and sturdy. It was a little uneven, but that was easily fixed with a stick on scratch pad. Now, it's cute as can be and a great accent chair!

You will need:

- Chalk paint - I found it at Home Depot

- Fabric - I used fabric from Hobby Lobby

- Paintbrushes

- Foam

- Quilt batting

- Staple gun

Step 1: Clean Your Chair and Remove Cushion, Fabric and Foam.

Step 2: With Sandpaper, Sand the Chair, So the Paint Will Adhere.

Step 3: With a Damp Cloth, Wipe the Dust Off the Whole Chair.

Step 4: Paint the Chair With the Chalk Paint, It Will Take Two Coats.

Step 5: Cut the Foam, Fabric and Quilt Batting to Fit the Chair.

Step 6: I Like to Do the Corners First. I Show the Technique I Use in the Video Above.

Step 7: Then I Do the Sides.

Step 8: Once the Paint Is Dry and the Cushion Is Recovered, Put the Cushion Back On. Remember, When You Remove the Screws From the Chair, Put Them in a Safe Place, So You Have Them When It Comes Time to Reattach It.

That's it! This chair was a piece of garbage that would have ended up in a landfill and instead, it's a fabulous accent chair! Yay!

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