Introduction: Garbage Can Missing Wheels?

My garbage can was missing its wheels when we bought the place.

Yes we have another can, but when doing yard work it's easier to have both cans with you. Dragging this one around was very difficult. After calling the number on the can quite a few times to report the missing wheels, I decided to do something about it.


5/8 Wrench

Channel Lock Pliers (only had a single 5/8 Wrench)

Hacksaw - only if needed to shorten threaded rod after assembly


Threaded rod of your choice - 5/8 here about 2ft. long

Wheels large enough to get the can off of the ground - 10" here (could be 11" for this type of can)

4 nuts the size of the threaded rod

2 lock washers the size of the nuts (optional for added tightness)

Step 1: Assembly

The wheels shown are cheapo's from Harbor Freight. Nothing fancy and they hold 150lbs.

Put the threaded rod through the holes where the previous rod went through. Do not worry if the hole is bigger, you need a little room so it can turn.

Add the wheels on each end.

Make sure you have at least 1.5 inches of threaded rod sticking out of both ends of the wheels at the same time. Having more is fine, you can cut it off with a hacksaw if needed.

Add the first nut to each side, but do not tighten all the way to the wheel. Leave a tiny gap between the wheel and the nut.

Next, I added a lock washer to each side so I could be sure nothing would come loose. This is optional, and not really needed if you are not planning to move your can around a lot.

Add the second nut to each side.

Finally, on each side, I held the inner (closest to wheel) nut with the pliers and tightened the outer (furthest from wheel) nut. This locks the nuts in place on the threaded rod and allows the wheels to move freely.

I've also found adding the wheels adds stability when opening and closing the lid. Before the wheels there was a danger of the can falling over when empty.

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