Introduction: Garbage Truck Costume

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When my son was still in Kinder... a part of their lesson is about the "Community Helper". Each of them were given a role. At first, I was frustrated when I learned that he was assigned as a garbage collector. I know kids his age would tease him ( or was I over exaggerated? HAHA ). I took this as a challenge. I need to make it a little more extra ordinary to turn those teasing into an "Awwwwww! Cool!!".

Searched the internet to get an idea. I'm a bit nervous because it would need a little skill to pull it off. HAHA. I'm glad that it did turn out on how I want it to be.... my son not bothered to be a garbage collector, his classmates-schoolmates find it cool and the teachers love it.

Step 1: Materials:

We need a carton

Packaging tape (same color as the carton)





Bowl of 1:1 Glue and Water

Pieces of Paper and (optional) Tissue

a Small piece of White Cellophane (your choice of color if you like it tinted like)

Needle and thread (to sew the strap)

Strap (to make it cling to the body)

Black Garbage bag

a few yarns (for tying up the small garbage bag prop at the back of the truck)

Exacto knife

Poster Colors ( you choice of color for the truck),

Black (for detailing and tires)

Silver (for detailing and rim )

Green (it's our garbage truck color here)

Yellow (for the warning signs)

White ( for the headlights/lights)

Step 2: The Truck

First, measure your desired size.

This truck model is how our garbage truck look like here in our country. You can improvised yours.

A lot of cutting to make the head of the truck and attaching it to the box's body with packaging tape.

I measure the body of my little and make enough space for him to comfortably wear it around his body.

At the back of the truck... I make a little space for the little garbage bags props.

Once the desired form is made... lets move on to the paper mache's.

Step 3: Paper Mache

Cover the whole truck and let it dry.

I suggest you cover it again with tissue (paper towel) so that it's easier to color it with poster color. No need to double color it just like I did.

Step 4: 4 Little Tires

Let's cut out 4 small circles for the tires.

Roll a tube of newspaper and tape it at the edge of the small circles. To give a 3d effect of the rubber tires.

start coving the small circles with paper mache and let it dry.

Once it's dry... start coloring the rim (middle of the rubber tires) with Silver....

Carefully color the rubber tires with black and let them all dry.

Let's move to the next step.

Step 5: Let's Start Painting

I make 2 different shades of the my dump truck to emphasized the front.

After painting the whole body, we can already attach the tires using glue.

Step 6: Add Your Strap and Small Garbage Bags

Attached the strap at the front top part of body of the truck and at the back part like a jumper.

So the hand of the one wearing it will be free.

Adjust the length and height of the truck.

Then start cutting small rectangular garbage bags and taping the sides so you can fill it up with crumpled papers and tying it with yarn strings.

Fill the back of the truck with this and secure it well so it won't fall off. (kids gets so curious and try to pull it out).

Step 7: Finished Project

Here's it what it look like...

I tried to check all the possible weak parts and secure them more.

I put red cellophane on the front windshield and door window.

Our garbage man here usually wears like this...

When my son came home that afternoon. He was so ecstatic!

That everyone liked his costume and teachers from other year level congratulate him and he always got pictured because of truck.

I'm glad that it did how I want it to be... TG.