Introduction: Garden Fairy Chandeliers

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This is step by step instructable that will take you through the whole process of making these solar mason jars with a bead "Chandelier" inside. They look great during the day but really shine at night.  You're garden Faries will love them!

This is a totally original idea so if you borrow this for your site I don't mind, just make sure you credit me as the source.  Thanks!   

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will  need the following items to make your Garden Fairy Chandeliers.
1 Solar Power garden stake (Twist off the top portion, that is all you will need)
Gorilla Super Glue
1 Wide Mouth 3 cup Ball canning jar
Assorted Beads
Crimping Beads
Needle Nose Pliers
Crimping Pliers (jewerly supply)
Fishing Line 10 pound test
Hot glue gun/glue
Heavy duty wire (to make hanger for the jar)

Step 2: Make the Solar Top

Take the Solar top from your garden stake and glue the metal ring portion from the top of the mason jar to it.  You will not use the center pressure lid, or the bottom portion of the solar lamp.  Save these parts for another project.

Place the solar top upside down, run a bead of glue around the outer edge and lay the metal twist lid (open in the center) onto the solar light.  It should fit perfectly, hence why I used the wide mouth jar.  

Try fitting them together in a dry run first just to get the hang of it.

Once it is glued place a heavy object on top to hold in place until it is dry ...usually a few hours.  

Step 3: Making the Bead "Chandelier" Pieces

1.  Measure the depth of the ball jar.  The wide mouth 3 cup jar is about 7" deep when closed.  This measurement is important when you decide how long to make your bead strings for the chandelier.  I make 3 different sizes to make a chandelier shape...the shortest strings will be between 3" and 4".  You will make 8 of these.  The medium string will be between 4.5" and 5".  You will make 6 of this size.  The longest bead strings will measure between 5.5" and 6.5 ".  You will make 4 of these.  When you glue them down later to the lid the longest strands will go closest to the l.e.d. light in a tight circle around it. The medium strands will then go around the long ones and the shortest strands will go around the medium ones.  When you turn the lid over it will make a miniature chandelier.

2. Using the glue gun and fishing line make a double strand longer than the desired length, with a ball of glue holding the two strands together.  I cut one long piece and join the ends forming a loop.  I make a strand about 24 " long when looped it gives you two strands at 12"...easier to work with while beading.  You will only bead the desired length for the strands you are making.  Drop a dollop of hot glue onto your work surface and push the ends of the strand into the hot glue.  Wiggle and then hold in place until it is cool enough to hold the strands.  I make enough drops and lines for all of one length and make that batch.  Once I finish that length I make more drops and strands.  See pictures below of this step.

3.  Load the strings with beads of choice.  I use seed beads, glass beads, swavorski beads and assorted charms.  The possibilities are endless.  I've found using the needle nose pliers to hold the bead and load it onto the string works the easiest. Again see pictures below of this step.

Step 4: Finish Off Bead Strings

1.  Once you have your bead string to the desired length you will want to tie a loop into the last bead.  This will make a slip knot to pull the bead tight up to the last bead.  See picture.

2.  After you have the knot tight you can add a crimp bead to the end to make sure the beads stay put.  Slide the metal crimp bead onto string, then use the special crimping pliers to tighten onto string.  Then cut the remaining fishing wire off.  See picture.

3.  As I stated before...You will want 3 different lengths of bead strings.  You will have 2 strings per glue drop...make one string .5" longer than the other, it adds to the effect.  See picture.  8 short, 6 medium and 4 long string groups.

Step 5: Attaching Bead Strings to the Lid

Once you have the strings all done lay them out by length.  
Using the hot glue gun attach them to your lid.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO GLUE THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT SHUT...You want to be able to replace the battery when it wears out!  A small dollop of glue will work just fine.
1.  Start by attaching the longest strings next to the l.e.d. light in a tight circle.
2.  Next add the medium lengths around the long ones in the middle of the lid.
3.  Lastly attach the short lengths around the medium ones close to the outside of the lid.

Step 6: Attach Lid to the Jar

Carefully place the lid onto the jar making sure the strings go into the jar.  Twist shut.
Attach a hanger if you are hanging it from a Sheppard's hook, or leave it alone if it will be sitting on a table top.


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