Introduction: Garden Hose Repair

I know that garden hoses are not that expensive but I can't bring myself to go out and buy a new one when I can fix the one I have. Either end or middle of a garden hose can be replace. This instructable will go through how to replace the end of a garden hose.

You will need:
Broken garden hose 5/8"
Replacement end (male in this case 5/8")
Hose clamp
Utility knife (or some other thing that will cut the hose)

Step 1: Examine Hose and Cut

When you find that your garden hose has gone bad, check to see if where you found the problem is the only place. In my case, there were there place near the end, the rest of the hose was still good. If there are several bad places along the entire length of the hose, then maybe it is time to go get a new hose.

After the third place at the end were the hose is going bad is where I am going to make my cut. I cut the hose a couple inches back from the last bad spot to insure is will be working with good hose.

Step 2: Put the Hose Clamp On

After you have cut the hose, you can put the hose clamp on the good part of the hose.

Step 3: Insert New End and Clamp

Insert the new male end into the hose. You should be able to push the new end into the hose by hand. Once it is all the way in, secure with the hose clamp. The new end should stay in place without the clamp. At least until you put pressure behind it. If the new end falls out, you have the wrong size piece or your hose is worse off that you thought.

Step 4: Done!

You are now done with the repair. The hose should be ready for use.

Typical garden hose comes in two sizes 5/8" and 1/2". Most longer hoses are the 5/8" type. The 1/2" hose is usually a shorter hose. If you are not sure which size your hose is, get replacement parts for both sizes and then return the one that is the wrong size.

If you have an area in the middle of the hose that needs to be repaired, you get two hose clamps and they make a piece that repair