Garden Party Flower Dress Centerpiece

Introduction: Garden Party Flower Dress Centerpiece

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Have a party coming up but no time to ponder!!! This is an instructable for a last minute DIY for garden party decor or any party be it out in the open or indoors.
A very sophisticated design, sure to fascinate everybody, easy, fast and fun to make.
Let's begin...


1. Mannequin
2. Chicken mesh
3. Fresh flowers, ferns and petals
4. Faux flowers
5. Pearl pins
6. Double sided tape/foam tape
7. Cellotape
8. Paper, lots and lots of paper
9. A pair of Scissors

Step 1: Knowing What Look You Want to Achieve

Work out a rough idea of the look you want to achieve. I'm going for a mermaid dress since they're so fascinating. And have an edge.

Step 2: Basic Structure Silhouette

This is an old male mannequin torso dummy which we'll be converting to a feminine silhouette.
Using tape I fastened the dummy onto a stool as a pedestal to balance the height to proportion in accordance with the mermaid dress form. Next we'll be sculpting the narrow bottom just before the mermaid portion using chicken mesh and pinned into place using pearl pins. For additional security tape it over and over in a tight spin.

Step 3: The Tapering Surround

Taking white chart paper of all and any sizes, Prepare cones and tape them. You'll need as many as you can make. It's never too much. Tape the cones together to form the desired shape.
Using the faux flower lines cover the structure to form the bodice.

Step 4: Decorating the Sweetheart Neckline

Using the fresh flowers create your own design at the bust. Use the pearl pins and foam tape to attach the pieces.
I filled the cones in swirly pattern by ferns, flowers and petals.
Attach all the faux pieces too. Create a Beautiful dress. Let your creativity take wings. Try out different patterns. And we're done.Have fun. I sure did :-)

Step 5: The Photoshoot

Isn't is mesmerizing

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    3 years ago

    Wow....such a beautiful dress..teuly appriciate the time and effort you are dedicating to your passion....e extraordinary it.