Introduction: Garden Plant Marker

Let's say you have a garden, and your friend wants to plant something in it. Or maybe your friend has a garden, and you want to plant something in it. Or maybe you want to look out at the beauty of your garden or your friend's garden, but nothing is blooming yet. Fret not, because with 4 Fancy Feast cans and a wire hanger, you too can make a decorative garden plant marker! 

(There are 11 steps- click through for all the steps.)

Step 1: Materials/Tools

4 empty Fancy Feast cans with lids and pull-tabs
wire hanger
work gloves
safety glasses
metal snips

Step 2: Wash and Dry Fancy Feast Cans and Lids With Pull-tabs.

Remove and save pull-tabs.

Step 3: Wearing Work Gloves, Make 8 Cuts Down the Sides of Each Can.

Stop cutting when you get to the bottom of the cans. Press the cut cans against a flat surface to splay the "petals."

Step 4: Wearing Work Gloves and Safety Glasses, Drill Through the Small Pull-tab Circles Where the Pull-tabs Used to Be.

You will be drilling 1 hole in each lid.

Step 5: Wearing Gloves and Glasses, Drill Through the Center of Each Can.

The metal here is thin, so the drill goes through quite easily.

Step 6: Wearing Gloves, Bend and Twist the Wire Hanger Into a Suitable Shape.

Slightly straighten the hook. Grab the the middle of the bottom and pull it away from the top (hook). Then squeeze the sides together. Finally, twist the hanger around at the points which used to be the furthest apart from each other, and pull open the section furthest from the hook.

Step 7: Fold the Lids Into "leaf" Shapes.

Slightly fold the lids using the drilled hole and 2 stamped circles on each lid as a guide.

Step 8: Fold Each of the Cans' "petals" Successively Farther Out and Down.

1. (In the photo, starting at the tip of the tail) The first can will have its "petals" slightly open.

2.The next can will be opened more.

3. The can after that will be opened until it's inside-out.

4. The last can is opened inside-out even more.

Step 9: Bend the Pull-tabs by Squeezing Them Between the Handles of the Metal Snips.

Step 10: Thread the Wire Hanger Hook Through the Can Pieces in an Appropriate Order.

Thread in order:

1. "Leaves" (lids)

2. "Petals," (cans) most inside-out to least inside out

3. "Stamens" (pull-tabs)

Step 11: Place Plant Marker in Garden.

Work the bottom ring into the soil or simply loop it around a leafy plant.

Happy gardening!

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