Introduction: Pyramid Vertical Garden Project

We will be creating a vertical garden! The vertical garden will have a pyramid like build and will contain 5 shelves to hold to the soil. The garden will be 3ft tall and


20 quantities of 1x4x8ft furring strip - $39.60 ($1.98 per board)


1 4x4x8ft main center post - $7.57 (per post)



Circle saw

Hand saw

Nail gun

Step 1: 1. Base

Cut out 3ft by 3ft base (cut out by using circle saw if needed)

Step 2: 2. Cut Out First Shelves

Cut out 4 2ft wide and 3.5 inch long boards to fit perimeter of base and mend by using nail gun.

Step 3: 3. Main Beam

use the 4x4inx8ft beam and cut it down to 3ft with a hand saw.

Step 4: 4. Center Post Stabilizer

When you have your center post set up cut 1.5ft wide and 3.5in long and set in center as shown in picture.

Step 5: 5. Cut Out Side Beams

Cut out 4 1.5 ft long and 3.5 inch side beams to fit on the main beam to make a pyramid-like shape, make sure the ends are 45 degrees and the top and bottom are cut on different sides. Attach to stabilizers with a nail gun if needed

Step 6: 6. Make Square Top to Bind the Four Side Beams and Main Beam

1. 4 shelves that are 2.5 inches above first shelf, and it will be 1.5 in wide and 3.5in long, cut to a 26 degree

2. 4 shelves that are 2.5inches above previous one and it will be 1 ft wide and 3.5 in long, cut to a 26 degree

3. 4 shelves that are 2.5 inches above previous one and it will be 6 inches wide and 3.5in long, cut to a 26 degree

Step 7: Good Places to Put the Garden

A good place to put it is in an area where all sides can receive sunlight, like a backyard or in front of your yard, but in the schools case the court yard.

Step 8: Digital Design

Our digital design!

Step 9: Physical Prototype

The physical prototype