Introduction: Garden Tool Bucket Caddy

Add pockets from old jeans to a bucket to organize garden tools. Instead of throwing away your old jeans, use most of those old pants to make a tool belt to strap around a bucket. Make this without buying any new materials, and customize your pockets depending on what tools you like to use.

Step 1: Cut Jeans

Cut around the back pockets of a pair of jeans. If you want four pockets, you need two pair. Cut off pairs of belt loops. Cut a long piece of the leg inseam (crotch to ankle) with about 3 inches of fabric off each side of the seam. Cut the bottom of the pant legs to make baggies to organize inside of bucket.

Step 2: Pin the Pieces Around the Bucket

Place the piece of inseam around the lip of the bucket with the 3 inches of fabric hanging around the outside and inside. Fasten the inseam with pins to hold it in place. Pin the back pockets around the outside. Pin the belt loops along the inside. Pin the baggies along the inside. Be conscious of leaving space to lift the bucket by the handle.

Step 3: Sew Pockets, Loops and Baggie.

Sew all the pieces into place. Consider using heavy thread or a zig zag stitch to make sure the seams are sturdy. Make sure everything hangs right on the bucket and then sew the inside of the inseam to itself, so that the strip of pockets is now a loop.

Step 4: Attach to Bucket, Add Tools

Use the jeans button to secure the ends of the inseam around the bucket. Sew into place. Add your tools, seeds, etc. Machine wash when needed.
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