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Introduction: Garden Tool Hanger

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So what to do with all these rakes, shovels, brooms, etc all over the shed. Problem with hanging them on the wall was there would be no room left for a shelf or a hanger for anything else because they have to go beside each other. Why I have so many of these dang tools is another question; let's just run with it for now.

Step 1: Two 2" X 2"s

So I'm trying to reorganize my shed and I found my eyes kept looking up at the emptiness between the open ceiling joists. So what if I just hung everything from up there some how.

So I grabbed a couple of 2" x 2"s I had lying around and set them up on the joists. After playing around with the spacing by trying out a few different implements, I settled on a 5 1/2" space.

I put one 2 1/2" decking screw through the top of the 2" x 2" and down into the top edge of the joist at each end of each 2" x 2". 4 screws in total.

You will also notice I let one end the 2" x 2"s extend out between two of the joists. This was done by design, however I wish now I had left a little more overhang.

Step 2: Start Hanging

Yeah, that's it. Start hanging. I found it best to put similar items back-to-back because they will close close together.

One trick for getting tools in and out is to lift up the tool closest to the tool you want to put up or take down to get the head of the tool away from the hangers.

Looking closer, (see the 2nd pic) you will see why the overhang was left; it was a handy way to hang up the D-handled tools.

Total cost was $0. Can't beat that. Made the beer that came afterwards taste even better!

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    4 years ago

    Problem with hanging sharp heavy stuff is you could lose a toe or worse if you are not very careful all the time . I found that a flat bar of steel 4 inches by 6 foot long . 5 sixteenths thick with some holes in it to bolt it to the wall solidly worked , Weld pieces of 1 inch pipe out from it at an angle ,maybe 70 degrees to the steel bar . leave 3 inches then weld another . The spade or whatever sits upright in there with it only able to go in not come out.