Introduction: Garden Tool Rack With Foldable Bench


This is a garden tool rack but it is also a seating or working bench by put a fold-able board down. It offers an easy way to hold garden tools. No need flip over tools, no need hooks, as easy as lean a shovel on a corner of a wall, to put a tool on the rack, wood blocks on upper rail will hold the handle of the tool like that corner of wall.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

2x4 wood studs

2x1 wood boards

4x1 wood boards

2x2 wood boards
3 ½”x11pcs

2x12 wood board

Barrel bolts


Nails and Screws

Measuring device
Pen or pencil
Screw driver
Wood chisel

Step 2: Make Notches on Wood Studs

Make 3 ½”x1 ½” notches on 2 pcs 6’ long of 2x4 wood studs. One notch is on 3 ½” high and the other one is on 4’2 ½” high. Also make same size notches on 2 pcs 1’6” long of 2x4 wood studs on 3 ½” high.

Make 3 ½”x1 ½” notches on the ends of the other 2 pcs 1’6’ long of 2x4 wood studs as show in pictures.

Step 3: Assemble and Nail

Assemble materials one by one as pictures.

Step 4: Make Bench Board

Make bench board with a 3'9” long of 2x4 wood stud and the 3'9” long of 2x12 wood board as picture. I used 7 nails, cut the flat heads down and grind them on the concrete of my drive way to make both side sharp, then nailed these two pieces wood together. it works. Probably you have other better way to do this.
Put hinges and barrel bolts.
Then fix the last 3'9" long of 2x4 wood stud on the back of the bench board as picture. It stops the bench board to go over to the backs.

Step 5: Improvement

If you prefer to put more tools, here is one improvement. 

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