Introduction: Garden Storage Wet Shelf

I needed a simple way to store the pool cleaner hoses. My Wife and I came up with the idea of using PVC pipe and netting. It allows any water left on the hose to drip or evaporate.

Step 1: Tools and Parts



Tape measure

Drill and bit


1/2" x 10' PVC Pipe

2-90° PVC elbows

4-45° PVC angles

Wire ties, 4-lg & 10-sm

Bird netting or other type of choice

Step 2: The Build

Each storage bin will be a different size. be sure to adjust the measurements to fit your needs. Our bin was 50" wide and allowed for a 12" deep shelf.

Make the cuts:

2ea -5"

2ea -7"

1ea -39"

1ea -471/2"


Place a 45° angle on both ends of the 5" pieces. Add the 90° elbows to the 7" pieces on one end, take the other end and connect to the 5" piece. Now add the 39" piece between the 5" pieces and the 47 1/2" piece between the 7" pieces.

Cover the PVC pipe with bird netting (or other netting of choice) and attach with small wire ties.

Carefully drill a hole in the top and side of each lip in the storage bin. Feed a large wire tie through the holes. Now place the complete PVC frame in place and secure with the wire ties.


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