Introduction: Gardenduino Aka the Garden Master

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well doesn't it feel boring to clean our lawns, water the plants & what not ! Well exactly gardening is not my cup of tea. so decided to make an automatic system to take care of my garden! let's begin


Arduino (any model will work but i used uno)

soil moisture sensor

rain water sensor

dc water pump

12v solar panel



chassis (with 2 BO motors)

ultrasonic sensor

glue gun

jumper wires

super glue

sun board

a pair of scissors

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

well for this step you need Arduino ,soil moisture sensor dc water pump and jumper wires,

the circuit diagram is given below

it is generated through .

Step 2: Coding

the drive link is given below upload the code

Step 3: Solar Panels

now you have to connect solar power to Arduino.

you need the solar panels, 2 100 uf capacitors, and the power jack.

connect positive of both capacitors, solar panel and power jack together.

connect negative of both capacitors,solar panel, power jack together.

Step 4: Housing and Done ..

now create a housing using sun board and place all components inside.

now you are done !

your system waters plants automatically, detects rain and is solar powered.

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