Introduction: Garlic!!

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Garlic is a wonderful Herb often used in cooking but it also has many uses in relieving and curing sicknesses . It can cure food poisoning , diarrhea ,fever, and it can be used as a topical treatment on cold sores and pimples . It can help relieve colds and flues and help repel vampires .

Step 1: The Strong Stuff

You can eat garlic straight up to cure stomach bugs , diarrhea , and it can be cut in half and rubbed into cold sores and unsightly pimples and blackheads

Step 2: An Easy Pill to Swallow

you can eat a spoon of garlic powder to help heal mouth sores but its a bit strong . you can fill some gel caps up with the powdered garlic for a strong cure but without the pungent flavor.

Step 3: The Easy Way Out

you can also purchase already made garlic gel caps but they are not as effective and sometimes hard to find .

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