Introduction: Gas Bottle Oven or BBQ

This instructable will show you a way to make a gas bottle into an OVEN or BBQ.
This is just a simple step-by-step instructable with some pictures and the file i made in google sketchup.
Feel free to change the design.
Please feel free to ask questions.
I hope you like it.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1 empty gas bottle, the bigger the better.
4 nuts and bolts
2 metal or wooden slabs
1 grill plate

angle grinder

Step 2: Angle Grinding

Cut the bottom end off the gas bottle using the angle grinder.
Then cut two 2cm slits, either side of the gas bottle, as shown in picture. Or if your making just a bbq, you can cut the side off the gas bottle for more room.
Sand the sharp edges

Step 3: Slabs and Bolts

drill two holes for the nuts and bolts into the side of the gas bottle as shown in the picture.
drill a bigger hole in the slab of wood or metal only the thickness of the bolt head.
also drill two holes the same size in the middle of each slab.
then arrange as shown in the picture and tighten the nut and bolt so that the bolt head is in the bigger hole and not sticking out the bottom.

The red is simply there to show the hole.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

You can drill a hole in the back of the gas bottle as a chimney. And you can keep the part you can cut off to place over the hole in the bottle, as an oven door.

Now all you need to do is light the fire and place the grill in the slit.

Have fun.