Gas Lamp

Introduction: Gas Lamp

With the following material we are going to create a gas lamp, which can also be used with a tabletop souvenir. Here we will be proposing the basic mode, and you will be in charge of making changes

Materials to use

1. A can of soda

2. An incandescent light bulb

3. A soda bottle cap

4. A dumbbell from an old man

5. A serving of combustible liquid

Used tools

1. Scissors for cutting metal

2. A razor or scalpel

3. A hammer

4. Tweezers

5. A drill with a bit

Step 1:

The first thing we will do is remove the filling from the bulb, with great care since we can make the bulb explode completely, for this we can use the drill with a small bit. Then we must minimize the remaining imperfections between the upper metal part of the bulb and the glass that would serve as a container for the liquid fuel.

Now we will move on to what would be the support of our lamp.

We will take the can of soda and make a cut at the bottom, on the entire circumference of it. We must bear in mind that the cut should be a few millimeters above the shape, concave or convex at the bottom of the can, everything depends on where you look at it. With this cut we would have a tin divided into two parts, the lower part that would be the base and with the upper part we will do the following.

Step 2:

We must make the same cut right at the point where a curvature begins to be created on the surface, then we will make a tangential cut to that cylinder that we have formed and then cut tin strips that would embrace the oval part of the bulb.Then in the base we will make 5, 6 or 7 grooves in the base of the bulb just at the crest where the concavity of the base ends. Inside these slots we introduce one of the strips and make a small double to prevent it from coming out, we repeat until the slots are filled, we can the bulb on the base, we extend the strips throughout the body of the bulb and finally we join them with another strip on the top of the bulbThis is something that I did not do to be able to manipulate the lamp, but it is not obligatory, to make a handle or a rope to easily hold the lamp.After this we are going

to flatten the soda lid and then make a hole in the center so that we can insert a strip of cloth that would serve as a wick. To keep the wick upright we can make a cylinder and put everything and wick in the hole in the lid. This cap serves to keep the wick out of the bulb.

Step 3:

To finish we fill the bulb with liquid fuel and light the wick.And voila, we have finally turned a light bulb, a soda can, a metal cap and a piece of cloth into a lamp.

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    2 years ago

    Wonderfully clear instructions, thank you. I look forward to doing this soon. It does fit within my budget -- as in Free to make basically. I get so tired of needing 3D printers, shop equipment, welders and more to do diy instructable projects.