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Introduction: Gas Powered Trike or Electric

Hey guys im back! I have a crazy project that im am doing currently. I am calling it the pocket trike. If you guys will give me some suggestions on the name and tips and how should i make an axle with two wheels for a bike .. Thanks ill post pics of the bike i guess

Step 1:

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, so you're looking to build a tiny, gasoline- (or petrol-, to us in the UK) powered trike with the frame of the bike shown as the base..?

    Not the way most 'ibles work, but here goes...

    You want help with the name? Do you know any kids into Pokemon..? If so, you might want to look into giving the trike a Pokemon theme, and calling it a Poketrike (since 'Pokemon' is said to be a corruption of 'Pocket Monsters', and you're currently calling this the 'pocket trike'). I don't know how likely you are to run into copyright issues, but I think you should generally be OK if you make its unofficial nature obvious, and don't try to make any money out of the name.

    As for 'an axle with two wheels for a bike', traditional trikes don't have a solid axle, as it doesn't allow the wheels to turn at different speeds around corners (the outer wheel turns quicker, as it has to travel further around the corner). If you were able to reverse the dogs in the cogs of one wheel, you might get away with a solid axle.

    Your best bet would be a 'traditional' twin rear-forks setup, with just one wheel being driven by your motor.