Introduction: Gazebo Cupola

The gazebo was down 30 years ago, all screened in, bamboo interior ceiling, 11' diamter, 7' high. Electric fan and lights for atmosphere, carpet for comfort. hammock for napping.

Step 1: Closet Slat Doors for Sides

Cut to length, cut both edges at 22.5 degrees for octagon (8 sided cupola), glue and screw the edges pieces together, cut roof edge at same angle, cut a cross piece to stabilize all angles diameter depends on the width of the doors. My neighbour gave me the doors and saved them from the landfill site. I used 1/2 " baltic birch plywood for roof with about 2" overhang. Used exterior primer and about 4 coats of exterior paint, then 2 coats exterior clear coat.

Step 2:

I used a piece of 4x4 for the centre post, cut the corners of at 45 degrees to provide an octagon centre support.