How to Make GDiaper Inserts




Introduction: How to Make GDiaper Inserts

I was scared of using cloth diapers with pins for fear of poking my son and the cloth diapers were too big for him. Alternative, reusable diaper options were expensive so I decided to get creative.  I purchased the gDiaper, a diaper system that includes diaper shells and reusable inserts.  Paying $28 for 6 inserts seemed outrageous!    This Instructables shows how to create 20 reusable gDiaper inserts for $13.

Step 1: Obtain Cloth Diapers and Fold

Purchase cloth diapers andfold one cloth diaper into thirds long ways along the seams in the middle. Fold the diaper in half to find the middle and mark it if needed.

Step 2: Sew and Cut

Sew both ends of the diaper.  Inthe middle sew two parallel lines. Cut between the lines to create two separate cloth inserts.

Step 3: Fold Inside Out

Turn the insert inside out  and you will have comfy pad for your baby's soft bottom.

Step 4: Place the Insert in Your Diaper and You’re DONE!!!

The title says it all: place your insert in the pocket of your gDiaper. Now you have 20 gDiaper inserts ready for use for under $15. Your baby will be thankful that his mommy or daddy made these for him/her.This will be much, much kinder on your wallet. =) Enjoy!!!

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    8 years ago

    These won't work for bigger babies or heavy wetters. Gerber's cloth diapers have taken a nose dive quality wise and they do not work well at all. You are better off buying flour sack towels from the kitchen section of any major retailer like Walmart or Target. Wash and dry them a couple times to reach their full absorbancy potential. They will shrink some because they are 100% cotton but will still work better than Gerbers. Gdiapers uses a cotton and hemp blend for their gcloths, that's why they are costly. Hemp and bamboo blends are very popular with cloth diapering because of their absorbing powers, but of course are more expensive then cotton. Anyways, I just wanted to share a little from my own experience with cloth diapers!