Gecko - Magnetic Wall Climbing Robot




Introduction: Gecko - Magnetic Wall Climbing Robot

GECKO - Natural magnets, super mobility and high simplicity robot.
  • It can climb walls carrying weights
  • It can transfer between various geometries
  • Its simple ! and perform tricks that much sophisticated robots cant do.

In this instructable I'll describe my engineering project, made 5 years ago for university graduation.
The project was very promising, and we started to deal with patents and funding for additional development.

Step 1: The Patent - Surcface Complient Magnetic Wheel

The basic invention takes the physical properties of the natural magnet - It is very hard to pull it off a surface vertical to the surface that is attached to, but if you try to "peel" , it comes off quite easy. (see figure)
Each magnet is connected to a suspension spring, that acts whenever the robot is moving on a ruff terrain.
our wheel uses this exact characteristic to move efficiently on surfaces - lacking the need for expensive and energy consuming electromagnets or any kind of suction cups.

Step 2: Lets Start From the End - Please Applaud to the Wall Climbing Robot !

The robot can climb on magnetic surfaces, using its almost patented compliant wheels (OUR invention!!!)
It climbs on vertical surfaces, ceilings, carrying loads and controlled by a remote controller. (regular RC control)

As you can see each magnet is connected to a suspension spring, that acts whenever the robot is moving on a ruff terrain.

Step 3: Our Gecko Climbs the Stairs

It can also climb stairs !

Step 4: Our "Followers"...

Since we first launched the project (finished 2008) , many "original" similar projects popped, and we proudly declare that we were the first! they just took our idea...
Feel free to contact, and If you by any chance an investor - You're welcomed ! There's a huge market waiting for this solution.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, can we attach a suction cup by replacing the magnet to adhere to a glass surface. I am asking because I am in a process to develop a window cleaning robot but looking for some suction technology to stick to the glass surface. waiting for your reply.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Suction cup can be placed instead. while calculating the required forces and design factor. the basic "peeling" solution works similar.

    Will be glad to see your project. Good luck.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    So... how does it manage on normal terrain?

    Can it climb real walls, where the steel is behind a layer of glass, brickwork or drywall?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It Can't climb anything not magnetic.
    If you want to dive real deep you can "in future model" replace the magnets in artificial adhesion hair (as in Gecko's feet).
    this hair is currently under development in some advanced research labs.