Introduction: Gee Bee Battery Power.

Cookie can diameter 15 centimeters (can be any size)

The Gee Bee plane: width 8 x length 6 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make the Gee Bee plane flying in the circle by the wires attach to the pole. The wires are negative and positive run to the motor of the plane and the other end will run pass the volume control that will decrease or increase current from the 9v. battery. The base is made from use cookie can, spray paint it black with Gee Bee sticker decals. It’s easy to make, fun to do. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Gee Bee Battery power’s project.

1. Cookie can, wires, volume control, motor w/ propeller, sticker paper A4, balsa wood, use antenna, wire solder.

2. Black spray paints, Velcro tape, 9v battery, 9v cap, thin foam plate.

Step 1: Drill Holes, Paint Cookie Can.

First, I look for an old small cookie can, or bigger. Then I clean and sand the paint off, next I start to drill the small hole for an antenna, that will be on the top of the can, and also drill the hole on the side for the volume control, spray paint black to the cookie can. Then I apply the A4 printed Gee Bee sticker to the cookie can.

Step 2: Make Gee Bee Plane and Conected All the Wires.

Now I begin to look up the Gee Bee and make sure that it will be the right scale when I print it out. It should be plan, side elevations. Then print it out to the A4 sticker, apply it on the thin foam plate and cut the outline. Next I solder the wires to the motor, I strip off the plastic wires cover, make it smallest as possible. I run wires on one side of the wing (I use balsa wood), attach all parts of the plane together by placing and attach the sticker. Now the plane should be done. Then solder the wires on the antenna, the top piece and the bottom piece is separated, for top solder the negative wire and the bottom piece can be positive (before that I test the system by check the direction of the propeller, will move forward or backward.) I solder the wires to the volume controller, the 9v cap, and to the wire on the antenna in side of the cookie can. Make sure all the wires are connected. Then connect both wires from the airplane to the top antenna and bottom antenna, by make the wires wrap around the antenna. Next attach the 9v battery and turn the volume controller, now the plane will move forward. If the plane is not straight, it can adjust at the top or bottom wires. That it. Enjoy.

Thank You

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