Introduction: "Geek Man to the Rescue Super Suit for There Is a Computer in Peril Somewhere!"

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I love these geek squad costumes I made a few years ago. Proud to be a geek! The Geek shirts were given to us by my husbands parents. My husband refused to wear the shirts unless I made them into a costume because he worked in IT. We thought it would be funny if they were geeky with capes that had a utility belt equipped with a rubber band ball, calculator, walkie-talkie, pen, Death Star Pez dispenser, slide-ruler, small tape measure, a pager and battery powered dust blower. We used glasses from a 3D movie which I removed the lenses and just applied tape to the middle nose piece to geek them out. We found the reflective utility belt and the orange reflector tie at Home Depot which are really used for tightening something to a truck so it won't fall out. Everything I used for the utility belt was found from around the house and attached most everything with Velcro and hand sewed small straps for the heavy items. The material was really cheap and I got that at Wal-Mart. Now you know where I got everything. This costume was all under $50.00 and I was able to make two. Here is how to make your own step by step. (Please be careful with any sharp/pointed or hot objects during this Instructable. If you are a youth, please ask an adult to assist with this project.)

Step 1: Simple Cape

Here is a very simple way to make a cape. I would make sure to buy enough material for whom you are making the cape for. I sewed this by hand so anyone can do this without a sewing machine if you so choose. I stuck to the theme of orange and black because of the shirts. So I used black thread. I measured two and a half inches and simply folded it and then sewed it all the way across leaving a hole through the middle so you can string it though.

Step 2:

Before you go to the next step just cut two orange reflectors that measure from your shoulder to three inches below your belt. ( Please be careful during this next step not to burn yourself! If you are a youth, please ask an adult to assist with this next step.) You may use a glue gun or just a lighter to burn the edges of the reflector so it does not come apart. Then sew a reflector to your shirt at the shoulder using one on each side. Now that your done with the cape get a hanger. Use a wire cutter to cut the hanger open. Then tie a rope, yarn, or a string to the end of the hanger. Holding the hanger and the rope together pushing it through the small hole of the cape. Then untie the rope from the hanger. At this point it should look like a curtain hanging from the rope. Were getting there so lets move on. Now that the shirt looks like you have suspenders in the front and it is not sewn in yet at the bottom. Simply flip over the suspenders to the back and sew the rope to the reflector that is closest to the edge of your shoulder. Spread the material out covering the rope. Then flip the suspenders back over to the front then sew the edge of the reflector and material closest to the neck together. Follow the same steps for the other side of the shoulder attaching your cape completely.

Step 3:

The utility belt was in my opinion really easy. When I bought this belt from Home Depot it was ready for me to just add what ever I wanted. I bought Velcro and hot glued pieces of the velcro so it wouldn't come off and attached some pieces I had left over from the reflective suspenders to add some of the heavier items. It's up to you what and how much you want on your utility belt.

Step 4:

Yes, last step..... Put your outfit on and tuck your shirt and then pull your suspenders under your belt to help hold the weight of your cape. YOUR DONE!!! Here is my husband posing in his "Geek Man to the rescue super suit for there is a computer in peril somewhere!" Thank you for reading my Instructable. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will help where ever I can. Happy Geekdom!

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