Introduction: Geek Cufflinks

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You have seen the belt ( ), the bolo (, and now it is time for the cufflinks. I could not find the traditional cuff link locks at a local store so, I improvised with what was available. I thought I had the perfect size chips, but some were too way big or way too small.What I am using is probably a bit big, but easier to see for demonstration purposes.

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Step 1: Whats Needed

4 - Buttons reasonable for the size of the sleeve holes,
2 - Computer chips or other electronics (lead free) that are a bit bigger than the buttons.
Thread or wire to hold two buttons at a time together.
Shirt to wear them on.

Step 2: Buttons

Witht he buttons facing away from each other, tie two of the buttons together so there is just enough room to allow one side of the buttons to fit thought the cuff link hole in the shirt. This might take some experimentation. You might use some thread at first for this.

Step 3: Add the Chips.

Glue a chip to one side of a button pair.
Do the same to the other pair.
Let the Glue dry.

Note: I did not have any shirts with French cuffs, so the picture is a simulation

Coming soon "Geek sandals!"