Introduction: Geeky Greeting Card Using Old Floppy Disks

Alright another Instructable for the geeks! Well, could be for anybody..

Its a heart-felt greeting card with a touch of geekiness. Best Friend week / Friendship day is coming and I wanted to make something for her.


1.A post card or any thick paper, plain white paper (size A4 will do)
2.Two floppy disks
3.Scale, ruler , pencil, eraser, colors etc.
4.Double-sided tape, glue, cellophane tape etc.
5.Pair of scissors

and that should be it.

Step 1: Apply Glue on the Post Card

First make a crease dividing the card in half. Open it again, then apply glue on one side or both, really doesn't matter. We just want a canvas to draw and write.

Step 2: Stick White Paper on It

If you wish to make it  thick, cover both sides with paper.

Step 3: Blank Greeting Is Ready.

At this point you can go in any direction. Make a regular greeting, formal, personal, or in this case a little geeky.

Step 4: Making the Greeting Card.

I decided to make my greeting look like a dialog box.
I made a rough drawing as shown in the next picture. I tried to color it but failed. So I made another one in plain pencil.

Step 5: Stick Floppies on Both Sides

Cut pieces of double-sided tape and stick both floppies on the blank side of the greeting in such a way, that when you fold it, the two floppies exactly overlap each other.

Step 6: Amost Done.

Thats the Geeky Greeting! So this is basically what it should look like. When it's closed looks like two floppies. But upon opening, it reveals the greeting.

The words inside might feel cheesy, but thats the way I tryuly feel, I didn't wanna make it any more geeky than what it already is. But you can take the geekiness up a notch by writing someting like "I 'enter' in your life, 'save' you in my heart, 'format' your problems, 'shift' you to opportunities & never 'delete' you from my memory!"  Write anything you want.

Step 7: Final Touches.

I thought I should dress it up a little for my lady. You know, Make it more put-together. So I cut out some pieces of ribbons and made a simple design.  It looks beautiful while still recognizable as a floppy.

Finally stuck a label on it to make it look like a regular-use floppy. But I might take off the label. Can't make up my mind.

Step 8: More Pictures

More pictures to give you a complete idea of the finished product.

Like I said, Those are my own words inside, they might be cheesy to you, but thats the way I truly feel.

I Hope you liked this Instructable!

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