Introduction: Gelatin Fizzy Drinks

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I had leftover shaved ice flavors from my "rainbow jelly marshmallow" Instructable and I didn't want to dump it down the drain. My first thought was, how can I make a cocktail out of this?

I'll show you how!


50ml shaved ice flavor

150ml hot water

5g gelatin powder

Flavored whiskey, rum or vodka

Step 1: Making the Gelatin!

Gelatin is flavorless, colorless, translucent and it's derived from collagen.

Jello contains artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring and sugar.

I'm not talking smack about Jello or anything! These shaved ice flavors are full of artificial coloring and flavors. I didn't use jello though.

The gelatin for these fizzy drinks is easy to make. First, pour 100ml of boiling water over the 5g of gelatin powder. Mix it up until the powder is dissolved and then add the 50ml of leftover shaved ic flavor and another 50ml of boiling water.

Do this for every color.

Step 2: Chilling the Gelatin

Pour the mixtures into square dishes. The dish shape is important, because you're going to be cutting the gelatin into cubes.

Chill the gelatin in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Step 3: Making the Gelatin Cubes!

Use a knife and cut the gelatin into cube shapes. It's really easy to do! Just run the knife down and then across the gelatin. Break up the cubes with a spoon.

Step 4: Gelatin Cocktails!

The Blue Hawaii blueberry cocktail!

I filled a cup 1/3 full with Blue Hawaii gelatin cubes and then added honey whiskey, apple whiskey and club soda and blueberries. Let it soak for a couple minutes. The gelatin is easy to drink without chewing.

The Rainbow Cocktail!

There are a bunch of whacky flavors going on in this. Strawberry, grape, orange, blue Hawaii. peach, pineapple, and melon. Too crazy for me, but a fun thing to try. I filled the wine glass almost completely full with every flavor of gelatin and let it soak in the honey and apple whiskey.

Step 5: For the Kids!

Add carbonated water to the gelatin cubes for the kids.

Drink these colorful gelatin fizzy drinks while eating rainbow jelly marshmallows.

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