Introduction: Gem Tassel Earrings

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My attempt at trying to recreate these earrings from a picture on tumblr. I thought they we really cute for the summer, and also really easy to diy. (not sure who the original designer is)

Step 1: Materials

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gold wire

tassel end caps

clip on earring backs with hoop

jump rings (4 is optional, you will only need 2)

2 faceted gem beads (beads must be at least 18mm and top drilled, so vertical holes only for this tutorial)

2 tassels (yes, I cheated.)

jewelry and bead glue

jewelry making tool kit (all pliers + side cutter)

thread snips (optional, use scissors)

*Although my tassels are already pre-made, I did do a mini tutorial on how to make your own tassels for this project on my blog.

Step 2: Tassels

Squeeze a drop of glue into both tassel end caps and then push each tassel into the caps. Use the round nose pliers to push them down further. Snip any uneven threads.

Step 3: Adding Gem Bead and Tassel to the Wire

Using the side cutter, cut two 4-inch pieces of gold wire.

Slide one gem bead onto the gold wire and then use the round nose pliers to curl up the bottom of the wire.

Attach the tassel to end bottom end of the wire and close the curl using both the round nose and the straight nose pliers. *Here is where you can add an optional jump ring at the end of the wire and then attach the tassel to the jump ring.

Step 4: Attaching the Earring Back

Cut off most of the remaining wire with the side cutter, leave enough wire to curl it into a ring.

Open a jump ring with both bent nose and straight nose pliers and attach it to the top of the earring.

Make sure the hoop on the clip on earring back is closed first before attaching the earring to it. Once you attach the jump ring to the earring hoop secure it with pliers.

Follow the same steps to make the other earring.