Introduction: Gemstone Necklace

Hi my name is Ivy and in this instructable I will work on one project. I’m going to show you how to make your own gemstone necklace with iron wire decorations. In steps I will explain how to do that and what you need for it! I love to make things and i have often made chains and other things. Hopefully this explanation will be a success and everyone can make it! Good luck with making these things!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

To make a gemstone necklace, you need:

_ Gemstone

_ Thin iron wire/ thick iron wire

_ Pliers

_ Decoration

_ String

_ Shears

_ Glue

Step 2: Cut Wire

First, you have to cut a piece of the thin iron wire and that of the thick one.

Step 3: Wrap the Wire

Next, you wrap the thin wire around the thick one. But don’t twist the wire all the way around (about half way.) If you think the wire is long enough for the stone, you stop.

Step 4: Twist the Wire Around the Pendant

Then you twist the thin wire around the pendant of the stone. If you find it easier to start with the decoration first, you can, but I myself find it easier to copy it there because it is easier to know whether the formation looks nice from the wire. And where to put it in.

Step 5: Make Loops and Spirals

When you have done that you will start at the back of your gem. At the 4th step you have to leave a lot of space and first it becomes very difficult to wrap the iron wire around it, but we are still going to change that because we are now going to start with the strength.

First make a nice loops and spirals on the front of the stone (what you like). Then you always make arcs over the stone and it can be nice and tousled and sturdy and there should be no protrusions!

Step 6: Embellish

We are almost done, but now we’re going to start embellishing it! Here I use an earring button that I no longer use. You can of course also use ordinary decorations, now you try to put your decoration between the iron wire that is attached to the stone.

Step 7: Secure It

Once you’ve done that, secure it with the pliers and make sure it’s tight! And then you are done with the decoration!

Step 8: Finished!

And then we finish decorating the gem now all you have to do is check that there is no protruding iron wire. And you add a silver, metal or rope chain to it and you’re done! Hopefully everything went well (only the pictures are a bit unclear.) So now you know how to make an gemstone necklace, have fun with it!!!!!

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