Introduction: Generating Different Sounds From Movies Using Only Arduino

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As-salamu alaykum!

I wanted to generate different sounds like predator,optimus prime & bumblebee from transformer movie.Actually I was watching "the hacksmith" video about making predator helmet.There they were generating predator sound effect from Hi-Fi source.And I wanted to try it with arduino cause I have arduino only.So my I started to search for it on internet with a less coding required,cuz I don't wanted to use the formal way in which we use pitches.h file for tone generation.I wanted to have a simple code which I can easily understand.So after lot of research I found one and shared it on my youtube channel. Yes I will upgrade it in future like using SD card module with arduino.I don't have this module yet but I will buy it. I hope this video will be little informative.

Let's get started!!


  • Arduino Uno with cable
  • Speakers multimedia speakers or simple 5W speaker
  • Alegator clips or 3mm jack
  • And a working pc or laptop
  • 10 k ohm resistor

Step 1: Hardware Part

Circuit Diagram is provided all you have to connect all these components.

Step 2: Software Part (code)

So we have library name "PCM" WE HAVE TO ADD IT TO LIBRARY FOLDER , which is located in "C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\ARDUINO\LIBRARY"

Paste it in library folder or a shortcut name "Paste Here" is provided just simply drag & drop there.And you are done with library thing.

Now you have encoder software which is used to convert normal audio into numerical text which is base of everything on these computers.These values are number between 0-255 That's why we are using PWM pin#11.

For audio part we have to modify it a little bit.For this we need Audacity or any other online Audio converter software.

We have to convert it to 8000khz

Sound system should be MONO

An audio clip's length shouldn't exceed 4s

Export it in Mp3 Format

Now open Arduino IDE , go to Examples > PCM > playback > open it

Or I have provided arduino sketch file just open it.

Now open Encoder Software by double click and a navigation tab will appears.Just navigate to folder where audio clips are located.And select Desired one.It will disappear and after a while a box will appear displaying Success!This means your data has been copied to clipboard.Now open arduino IDE and replace the existing values by press "Ctrl+A & Del" and then press Ctrl +V and you are done.Upload this sketch to your board.

and now enjoy your fruit by pressing pushbutton which will play sound for you.

For new audio you have to repeat this whole process again.

And you are done:)

I have also provided some clips you can use them.

Step 3: Video

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