Introduction: Bicycle Power Generator

Generation Now - a HTHCV Festival/Senior Project

Essential Question

How can the Generation Now® campaign seek to

attain and maintain environmental leadership and student

participation on our campus and therefore in our

larger community in which we are a part of by providing 

opportunities in which students can exercise and at the same time produce electricity using a Do-It -Yourself instuctable

on making an electric bike stand. 

Step 1: Things That You Need

Things you buy:
Functioning pedal Bike

Four 1.5 Volt DC Motors 

One 6 volt DC motor

Soldering iron and solder 

Soldiering Circuit board 


Insulated Wire

Back wheel bike pegs 

Wood for bike stand 

Things you build:
Bike Stand

Knowledge and Patience 

Step 2: Bike Stand

First you need to buy two planks of 2 by four 

Your  stand should elevate the back wheel enough for it to spin off the ground.

so cut two 3 feet tall columns and attach a 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet base. 

In the columns carve out a hole so your back tires bike pegs can rest on top of the stand securely.

Step 3: DC Motors

We have 5 small 1.5 volt DC motors and one 6 volt DC motor 

What we want to achieve is successfully combining all the motors together with positive and a negative wire endings.  

Each DC motor has its own positive and negative terminals, the trick is to connect the positive leads to the negative leads

We want the electricity we create by spinning the DC motors to flow one directing and if you connect a negative terminal to another negative terminal you the circuit wont be complete  and wont produce electricity out of the wires.   

Step 4: Circuit Soldering Board

we want all the LED to be in parallel 

you have to make sure the negative goes to the positive side of rows on the board in the right direction. 

start with the farthest to the left possible spot and make that your negative side and make sure they end with the past row in the positive side and then connect a resistor to the end so we don't fry out the LEDs. 

Step 5: Connect Them

You want to solider your circuit board to your positive and negative leads coming out your dc motors. 

This completes the circuit 

Step 6: Attaching DC Motors on the Bike Stand

Now attach mini wheels onto your dc motors with liquid cement.

and attach all your DC motors on to a piece of wood on your bike stand right above the wheel

This is the hardest part because you want your mini wheels lined up perfectly with your tire wheel so them make contact and spin when pedaling 

Step 7: Now You Can Power What You Can Think Of

say its the end of the world you can now have your phone charging

say you already like indoor cycling classes why no use some of that energy to power you iPod while you exercise.

with these basic principals you can power a multitude of house hold devices

or you can be your very own Nicoa Tesla the greatest electrician ever ,

heres a link to why nicola testa was the greatest geek who ever lived,