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Introduction: Generator Oil Candle 5v Peltier

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This thermoelectric generator allows you to charge or use it directly
from your phone (2.5 hours to fully charge it) and to use a 5v equipment, can do a lot of things with like replacing all the dremel material ! -The only 2 things that will have to be taken will be the syntofer (the putty for the metal that withstands the temperature (20 €, it takes very little so try to borrow it) and the USB socket has 60 cents it can convert the current that gets pretty powerful..perso I took 10 for 3 € I think, the rest is a Peltier module that can be found in a cooler, or in a draft beer or on the net for no cost at all, so if you want to disassemble they are well hidden and well screwed especially for the beer printer - can very well recharge rechargeable batteries with a fixed telephone regulation for a mobile phone: the regulation is done by an accessory at 5 € who lights cigar lighter (12v) and outgoing of the 5Volt continues-not to take the pack of 10 modules on the Chinese site because it is really the lowest quality possible, I received 4 or 5 peltier broken ... - I made an oil candle because it's super-economical but i It gets dirty, not if you made an alcohol candle, it does not smoke with alcohol but it climbs a lot in temperature which will be more adaptable for a more powerful Peltier module provide more current finally ... mostly watts .. -all repairable. .démontable. -the support bars are made of thick metal for better maintenance and less vibration. -the radiator of cold, it is a radiator of computer that I pierce in its center. -the hot radiator (smaller to better disperse the heat on the surface of the module) -the chimney to evacuate the smoke it is a cigar box .- (the idea that many have not found) the sheet of aluminum has been collected on a billboard, it is used to isolate the temperature from the bottom up - the lantern lidl for 3 € - the light is the cheapest 5 € front, it is not a computer fan it's a little motor games for children or I glue propellers because its consumption simply less current. the more the modules are cooled the less they heat up and the better they are, it is the tin soldering of the red driver t black that comes off first at 200 ° C + / 50 yes can also make a mini fridge if we worked upside down the current level. -The campstove biolite is a stove with firewood or you make fire to produce power not here .. moreover it costs 150 €. -The pot is glass to see the oil level, but it is better that it is always max and as I prefer to wear it for his that I take a closed box and not a floating wick. do not operate the module without cooling, it will fart or lose 50% of its output. -The next generator will be powered by a mini-water pump (instead of the fan), because I have only 1% output and with a liquid cooling I would have 100%, I would do one that can receive all these dremel and multi-power tools. - A total of 8 prototypes were necessary for the realization of this one. -You can take oil already used. -And now you have the construction of the best Peltier generator on the net! finally .. until I do the next one;)

Step 1: The Hot Radiator

Take the thin aluminum sheet around it, fold it, then stick to the bodyshell around the radiator (so that heat and smoke concentrate in the path), I used a beer can for the bottom but I then remove it then when it is perfect deposited a little thermal putty around the radiator then under the radiator. Let dry and clean the surface well and then grease the thermal grease

You have to take a small radiator for the hot, I try different but the best is this size for the oil flame.

Step 2: The Thin Aluminum Sheet

By my home it's an announcement board, it's a little bigger than the beer cans, I stick the module (put the apparent son on the cold side!) And then you have to stick carefully by doing attention (below / above) of the module.

Step 3: The Cold Side

Step 4: The Hot Side

Step 5: The Cold Radiator

breakthrough in its center from the smallest to the largest wick.I noticed that it pierced better if it was cool, so feel free to dip it in the water to cool it down.

I pierced the steel plate underneath and stick carefully to avoid putting screws.

I did not want the metal legs to be in contact with the radiator

Step 6: The Cold Radiator of the Top

Step 7: The Cold Radiator From Below

After piercing the steel plate, glue the radiator without putting too much on it. from the bottom up and in the corners of the radiators.

Step 8: The Radiator Cold Close Up

You have to be really careful, avoid putting mastic on the metal legs, the fan will be fixed thanks to him, you have to move a little because the fan is adjustable from its height.

The metal blocks are made of thick iron for less vibration.

Step 9: The Fan

the fan is a child's toy because it consumes less than a computer fan.
I took the empty putty box for the outline.

You have to make the holes for the motor rod in the other direction.

I drill the propeller for more lightness, I tested without it and I find it easier for the engine, it forces less.
Pay attention to the direction of the propellers if they are envertues put the polarity envert.

Step 10: Usb Boost

But can do without

Step 11: The Base

with a small door, I cut the top and I fix the aluminum sheet on

Step 12: The Light

It is a frontal (the cheapest) soon to replace by much more powerful!
I took it apart to cut the leds, then I made extensions of wires and I stuck the base with the switch on the small door.

Step 13:

I tried to put 2 usb and I can put the light and recharge my phone or use it at the same time.

in the future I would operate, drill other objects,

I will install a liquid cooling with a mini-pump.

It does not consume and more when the oil starts to heat up becomes more powerful, I take vials of liquid e-cigarette for oil.

if you want more information and more photos tell me!

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