Introduction: Genesis (BATCH AI)

About: I like to code in batch and share it to the world!

This program, (Genesis), is a program I've been working off and on to produce over the past year. (Since June 29th, 2017 to be exact.)

Anyway, I decided that it was in a really good state to be able to release to the world here on instructables!

Genesis can do many things, such as calculating, opening apps, and even talking! (vbs)

The current version for Genesis is: 4.7

(I forgot to save the patch notes before 4.0)

4.0 Update notes:

Huge overhaul on the 'Chat' function to make it actually function well as a 'chat room'

Small changes to the 'learn' function to make it more efficient.

4.3 Update notes:

Tweaks to the calculator function so you can clear it to restart an equation

Removed the 'press any key to continue' warning when you first login

4.7 Update notes:

Fixed a major bug where custom responses would not work

Changing the color of the screen now tells you what you changed it to

Made it more efficient to type out sentences with punctuation

Step 1: Downloading the Necessary Files

To download Genesis, download the 'Genesis.bat' that's on this page. (Place it in its own file if you want to.)

What is the 'ChatAddon.bat' for? Well, in the Genesis program, you have the ability to start up your own little chat room and are able to talk into it. Well this feature requires a second app, and since the chat room isn't vital for the other uses, I went ahead and made it separate. If you want to be able to use the chat room, you can go ahead and download the ChatAddon. To implement the addon though, run Genesis once so it makes the necessary files, and then open the file, 'GenesisFiles' , that Genesis made, and then click on the file 'Addons'. Here, you can drop the 'ChatAddon.bat' and should be able to use the chat function!

Step 2: Recognizing My Inspiration!

Part of my inspiration and help came from a batch AI called Alice. The link for Alice is right here: