Introduction: Geneva Mechanism Design in Coral Draw

In this article, we will study the Geneva Mechanism

We have created a video in which the explanation of Geneva Mechanism is shown. And show the application of Geneva Wheel how we will use it in the conveyor belt We created a paper cutting machine which is a student project In this project we will cut the paper using the Geneva mechanism In which a scissor is used a DC gear is of motor small and the other things are used We designed the Geneva Wheel on the Coral Draw In this we have shown in Step by Step design that Mechanism was made on coral draw

What is the Geneva Mechanism work to stop the Tunis movement? And it works by going to a certain degree After how many degrees we will design the project and the motor will stop after that With this, a driver is used Which makes its movement more or less Geneva wheel is very different but will do a new study on the common What Type We created only one type of which we will do four to five And you must have noticed that the motor inside the video rotates completely after that there is an affair As soon as the motor shop comes out, it checks and the paper gets cut

Step 1: Paper Cutting Machine Mechanical Project(geneva Wheel)

In this article we have designated a machine whose name is papaer cutting machine using geneva wheel

All this machine runs on DC voltage 12 Volt DC Its input is 220 volt. We have used power supply further. That power supply steps down to 220 board and gives 12 volts It is 12 volts in the first ac that we convert it to DC We used Audio Microcontroller You can use any microcontroller Because nowadays arduino is easy so we used it We have used DC Gear Motor in this project And the use of the aclalic sheet