Introduction: Geocache Without a GPS

Know all about Geocaching but can't afford a GPS system to use?
Then do it the old-fashioned way! Grab some friends and make it a group adventure! Ideal for urban caches, but be careful of going into unknown areas without at least a cellphone or telling someone before hand.

Step 1: Geocache Prep

First find out what geocaching is here.

Then go [ here] and input your area code. Browse the options available and choose a couplka difficulty level

Now, it is best to write down the title given to the particular cache because without coordinates, there aren't many resources available and the title can be a HUGE clue. Some will even have additional clues that you will also write down and bless for making the adventure a little less frustrating.

Peruse the accompanying map to the closest zoom level so you have a good idea of the area. Try to find any landmarks in the area for extra guidance.

Again, make sure to write it all down!

Then GO!

Step 2: In Action

Comb the areas, utilizing all of your research and clues available. I can't ensure success on your first or any other tries, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. After two unsuccessful attempts, the third was successful and immensely satisfying. Don't be afraid to try.