Introduction: Geocache Bolt Cache

Tools Used

1. Cold Saw or hacksaw
2. Metal Lathe
3. Tap and Die set
4. File
5. Drill bit


1. Large Bolt

Custom bolt cache I made at Tech Shop San Jose!

Step 1: Cut Off the Head of the Bolt

On the cold saw or using a hacksaw cut off the head of the bolt.

Step 2: Face the Cut Flat on the Lathe on Both Sides

Face the two pieces so they are perfectly flat and will mate together well later.

Step 3: Drill the Appropriate Size Hole for Your Tap in the Base Piece

Drill a hole in the base section of the bolt. This is where the logbook will be so make this large enough.

Step 4: Using a Slightly Larger Drill Bit Widen the Hole at Top

If your threads go all the way to the head of the bolt you can skip this step, otherwise you need to make a small area slightly large to accommodate the threaded section of the head piece that does not have threads.

Step 5: Cut the Head Piece on the Lathe to the Correct Diameter for Your Threads

Verify the diameter required by your tap and tie set and cut the head piece to the correct diameter for your chosen threads.

Step 6: Cut the Threads