Introduction: Geocaching Tips and Tricks

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So, you wanna Geocache? Well you came to the right place!

I am going to teach you some common places geocaches are found in forest areas. If you don't have an account on I highly suggest you make one before we get started. Alright the things you will need are:

-Something to enter coordinates in(GPS,Phone)
-Extra pencils/Pens

You also might want a geocache bag. Mine consists of extra pencils, compass, extra water, warm clothes and rain gear, flashlight, towels (if the inside of the container is wet), and the web page of the geocache.

Step 1: Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks!

Did you know geocaches can be disguised as rocks?!? Yes it's true. People can be so sneaky sometimes! Look in the comments section to see if you can find secrets on what the cache looks like and what the place looks like where it is. For example, in the second picture there is a comment that said that the clue was the key. It turns out this geocache was a hollowed out rock! Geocaches can also hide behind rocks and underneath but never buried!

Step 2: Bird House?

Wait what? Geocaches can be disguised as bird houses? Yes it's true! Some have little flaps on the sides while others have its bottom open up. Some can even be with others for camouflage! It's up to you on how to find and open it. Be sure to have your general coordinates before looking or else you will be way off!

Step 3: Trees Trees Trees OMG!

Trees are probably the most common place you will ever find a geocache, especially in rural areas! There are a lot of good spots to hide a geocache in a tree. For instants, there could be a hole in the tree and you have to stick your arm down into it to find it, or it could be notched into a V shaped tree. The tree in the picture has a lot of great places, on the ground and in it!