Introduction: Geode Sculpture

I had some old tree slices in the shed. I chose a random piece.

Then I figured out it looked kind of like a geode! I had to try to make it look like a real geode, or at least a funky geode. My taste leans toward funky.

I painted the wood and coated with epoxy to set the color.


Wood slide


extra paint


old stick/pole

ready mix concrete

board/bucket/water/mixing pan

Step 1: Figuring Out Details

For detail, I rounded up small stones and painted them the colors I like for the textured inside of the "geode"
I used hot melt glue gun to glue in my painted small stones all around the inside of the "geode" where I had painted various colors, attempting to match the stones to the color on the base.

The stones were glued into place and ready for another coat of epoxy on both sides.

Step 2: A Natural Stone Looking Base Was Needed

I needed a base for the sculpture, so, I figured I'd try painting concrete to resemble the "geode" !

What the heck!

I mixed up a few scoops and smashed it into a hole in a pot with loose dirt. I plunged a piece of broken PVC from the shed down into the concrete that perfectly fit a piece of broken metal pipe which I figured I would use to hold the "geode" up over the base.

I painted the base the same colors as the "geode".

The base had epoxy poured over it and a piece of cut out wood epoxy glued to the bottom.

I wanted to create a sculpture appearance from all of this.

Step 3: Putting It Together

I pushed the spray painted pipe into the base and poured a little epoxy around it.

I drilled 2 holes in the wood "geode" One through the bottom and another partially in the immediate top directly over the hole.

I slid the "geode" down onto the pole and dripped a little epoxy into the bottom hole around the pole.

A few hours later I had my fake and FUNKY GEODE !

The epoxy really popped the paint and stones and it looks fantastic under lighting.

Now I want to do another one !

Rebecca Rae

NOTE: If you make this, watch the bottom side of the "geode" after the epoxy is poured over it and quickly wipe drips from the underside.

Also, if you have a blowdryer or heat gun, blow across the epoxy to remove small bubbles.

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