Introduction: Geometric Pendant Lamp

My girlfriend thought these geometric pendant lamps look very cool but she didn't want to spend 40 dollars or more for one at a store or online so we decided to make our own. The total cost of the project cost about 20 to 25 dollars.

We first tried to make the lamp out of 1/2 inch copper pipe but PVC was lighter, seemed to hold the structure better and was a fraction of the cost. If you like this project please favorite it or vote for it, thanks! Okay, lets get started!

Step 1: Materials


  1. Chop saw
  2. measuring tape
  3. sharpie


  1. A little more then 18 feet of 1/2 inch PVC
  2. spray paint
  3. jewelry wire
  4. light bulb - Edison bulb (We found a Edison globe bulb at Lowe's for $5)
  5. hanging lamp cord - Pendant lamp cord (We bought 2 cord for $14 at Joan Fabric)
  6. steal plate (optional)

Step 2: Structure Part 1

First you will need to measure out and cut your PVC into 36 six inch pieces using a chop saw. The picture of the six inch pieces has a pipe cutter in it but using a chop saw will save you much time and energy. After this take your wire and start making your triangles. You will want to wire each triangle together so that you are using one long continuous piece of wire. If you need to but your wire just twist a new piece onto the end. Wrap your wire through each triangle a few times for extra support. Follow the pictures above to re-create the shape in the last photo.

Once you have this shape created move on to the next step to finish up the structure!

Step 3: Structure Part 2

Okay, now that you have one star pattern complete its time to make the final pattern before putting everything together. Follow the same steps to create just the hexagon shape without the triangles on the edges. Once you have this hexagon structure as shown in the first photo you will wire the two shapes together. It is helpful to have two sets of hands for this next part.

On your star shape, fold two triangles up at a time and begin wiring the hexagon on top of the star shape. one edge of the hexagon should be wired between two triangles of the star shape. Wire the two shapes like this all the way around until they are completely attached. Then take a spare wire and twist it onto a piece of wire on the structure and cut off the excess. When you pick up your structure from the top it should form into your sphere shape just like the last few photos.

Now that are shape is complete we will finish up the final touches.

Step 4: Final Touches

After our structure is completed its time to paint and hang the wire. We painted the structure gray but you could paint it any color you want. We bought spray paint from walmart then hung it from a latter to dry. Be careful when spraying the inside side of the PVC as it is easy to cause runs because these are hard to reach places. Apply two coats after letting dry.


We constructed a steal plate to hold the lamp to put less strain on the wire but you should be fine just letting the lamp socket hang from the PVC opening. If you chose to not use the steal plate just feed the plug in of the lamp wire through he opening in the top of the structure and have the lamp socket hang from the PVC.

If you are interested in building the plate then you can pick up a thin steal plate from your local hardware store. After this use a band saw to but a square big enough that it hits all 6 PVC when placed in the top opening. Once you have your square of plate use a drill press to drill a hole in the center big enough for the plug in of the lamp wire to fit through. From here your all done, now just place the steal plate through the lamp wire under the opening on the top of your structure just like the last photo.

All thats left is to put in the bulb and plug it in!

Step 5: All Finished Up!

Screw in your bulb and plug in your new lamp! Thanks for taking a look at my instructable.

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