Introduction: GeorgeNet Modem (a Fake Modem for My Os Written on Scratch)

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This is an easy-to-build modem for my GeorgeNet OS

Step 1: What You Need:

Option 1 (more fun and functions):

  • Arduino Leonardo (only Leonardo and Micro support Keyboard library used to build this project)

  • DFRobot LCD Keypad shield

  • Option 2 (less fun and functions, but costs less)

  • Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Micro

Step 2: Option 1

Attach shield to Arduino Leonardo and upload the code attached. Or upload code using codebender

Step 3: Option 2

Upload code attached.

Step 4: How to Use Option 1.

  1. GeorgeNet Connection:
  2. Open GeorgeNet OS 3
  3. Log in as Guest
  4. Open settings (move your mouse to the upper side of screen and click "Settings")
  5. Click "On/Off" button
  6. Press SELECT on keypad shield.
  7. Wait until "Connected" message will be printed in Settings window.
  8. Done!
  9. OS Update:
  10. Open GeorgeNet OS 3

  11. Click "USB" button on the right side of the screen.

  12. Press RIGHT button on the keypad shield.

  13. Done!

Step 5: How to Use Option 2

  1. Open GeorgeNet OS 3
  2. Log in as Guest
  3. Open settings (move your mouse to the upper side of screen and click "Settings")
  4. Click "On/Off" button
  5. Connect Arduino to computer
  6. Done!

Step 6: How to Use Option 2.

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