Introduction: German Sauerkraut and Sausage, in Crock Pot

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I posted this old recipe from the 1960's for Crock Pot Sauerkraut and Sausage.This recipe is awesome, easy to make, and it turns out like no other dish I had tasted before. There were so many different flavors to enjoy. When you eat, the sausage and the other ingredients, added that aren't normally added made this dish one of a kind. I gave some servings to some of my neighbors and they all are adamant about getting the recipe from me and they've been trying to figure out the secret ingredients!

Step 1: Ingredients:

2 or 3 lbs. Smoked Sausage or Kielbasa

1 bag (2 lbs.) Barrel cured sauerkraut

1 jar (24 oz. or 3 cups) apple sauce, sweetened, unflavored

1 can (12oz) can beer

1 tbsp. caraway seeds

Salt and Pepper

Step 2: Instructions:

Thoroughly rinse the sauerkraut with cold water. Thoroughly drain the sauerkraut.

Step 3: Meanwhile:

Slice the sausage into 1inch slices, then add the sausage to the crockpot.

Step 4: Tip:

If you have a salad spinner, it works GREAT ... just add the sauerkraut.

Step 5:

Add the cover, spin the sauerkraut for about 45 seconds.

Step 6:

Spinner removed all the excess water!!!

Step 7:

Add the sauerkraut to the crockpot, spreading the kraut to even out.

Step 8:

Add the applesauce (I used Mott's regular applesauce).

Step 9:

Add the can of beer.

Step 10:

Add the caraway seeds

Step 11:

Then season with salt and pepper, as desired.

Step 12:

Stir the ingredients slightly together.

Step 13:

Add the crock pot cover and set setting to cook on low for 7-8 hours.

Step 14:

Cool slightly before eating, and this meal is great with rye bread!!!