Germinate Terminalia Catappa Seeds - Indian Almond

Introduction: Germinate Terminalia Catappa Seeds - Indian Almond

I thought I would share my progression growing Indian Almond seeds in a climate colder than they normally grow in.
This picture is what I started with.
If you have a one, you will notice one end has a round flat spot that was attached to the tree. That appears to be the end the seed will sprout from so I left that end alone and worked from the end with a sharper point.
Tools I used -
A sharp knife to cut away the outer husk
Something to put pressure on the shell, a vice would be good, I didnt have one available so used some channel lock pliers.
A small flat screwdriver - To pop open the shell without damaging the seed inside.

Step 1: Cut Away Extra Husk Around Shell

I was cutting everything away I could for the first few and decided it was unnecessary.
I started only shaving half down as shown to the hard shell inside.

Step 2: Put Some Pressure On

This is where something for slow even pressure would have been nice like a vice.
I used my pliers to squeeze from the edges, not from the flat sides, until I could see the seam of the shell starting to come apart.

Step 3: Gently Pry

I found my screwdriver was not small enough here to start in the crack so used a knife to start carefully, I didnt want the thin knife blade to snap.Then squeeze a little more to open the seam up and get the screwdriver in a bit, without damaging the seed in the middle, then pry the shell open very easily.

Step 4: Finally the Prize

You can see the thick shell in this picture and the meat in the middle.
I popped this out easily and rinsed it off as shown in the last picture.
From here I have placed them in a ziploc bag with damp paper towel and placed at room temperature which is about 70 degrees, or a little warmer if you can find a spot.

Step 5: Now to Plant

Everyone has germinated!
These took 2 weeks exactly and have long roots already.

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    3 years ago

    I have grown Indian almond from seed at redcliffe Qld it takes a good 3 months to sprout you need a lot of patience


    Tip 4 years ago

    I've seen these germinating in Hawaii on the beach, no need to remove the shell, maybe just crack it, and they will grow right through, and crack the outer shell on their own, provided it's warm and moist enough. As they also grow on beaches, they can tolerate salty, water and highly acidic soils. In the tropics they are often seen as an invasive pest, because they self propagate so easily..... When I've seen them in Hawaii, the large parent tree often has dozens of saplings all around underneath it - the seeds just drop and grow...


    Reply 4 years ago

    If I was somewhere tropical that would probably work, but Im somewhere cold where I cannot grow them outside.
    I have some right now I tried cracking the shell, or taking the end off to allow water in, soaked them for a day ... they still have not germinated and its been over a month. The above method worked 100% in 2 weeks.